How Has Google’s Algorithm Changed In The Last 10 Years

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, has evolved quickly and dramatically. In its early years, SEO involved shady methods, such as keyword stuffing, spamming links and making changes to back-end code. The good news is Google took action and stamped out those methods very quickly, and since then, Google’s search algorithm has continued to evolve.

Google’s algorithm has changed throughout the years, and this has led to changes in SEO. With that said, here’s how the search engine’s algorithm has changed in the last ten years.

1. Content

Content marketing has gone on to become a huge part of any SEO strategy or internet marketing strategy. Google has

gradually refined what it considers good content. When Panda happened in 2011, spammy content and keyword stuffing received a fatal blow.

After the Panda update, it was difficult to get away with content-based tactics, such as forgoing quality and substance and focusing more on quality of content. The ones who won the most were those who focused on producing valuable content. The rise of content has proven once again that content always was and still is king.

2. Link Schemes

Google has explained what a link scheme is. However, not everyone is so sure what is classed as being one. The simple definition is an attempt to influence your ranking with links and doing it deliberately.

In the late 2000s, Google focused on stamping out spam-based link building practices, and they punished those participating in link wheels, paid links schemes and link exchanges. In 2012, Google unleashed the Penguin update, which is what shaped link building. Today, the only way to build links of high quality is via guest posts and natural link attraction.

3. Local SEO Was Reshaped

Local SEO has come a long way in the last ten years. Many changes have happened, both minor and major changes. However, the biggest change of all was probably in regards to ranking factor. This update was known as the Pigeon update.

With the Pigeon update, Google started to incorporate traditional web ranking signals. This means that websites that have been well-optimized gained an edge in the local search results. Also, high-authority directory websites received a boost.

Generally speaking, over the last few years local searches have become more widely used and more location-specific. Coronation Internet Marketing recommends that people starting off in SEO should probably focus on local SEO to start off. It is much simpler than doing a national campaign or targeting a larger keyword.

4. SERP Overhauls

The search engine results pages, or SERPs for short, has changed so many times. Some changes are small, so they weren’t noticeable, which means more changes have probably occurred than we know about. One thing is for sure, and that is you have to consider numerous things in regards to the SERPs.

5. Knowledge Graph

In 2012, Google unleashed its Knowledge Graph, which has now become a huge influencer in SEO. This attempts to give users answers to their search queries via a box of information. For example, when you type in a phrase in the search engine, you may be shown a box with content, which means you won’t have to click on a website to get to content. Unfortunately, it usually overtakes results in the organic search results.

There are ways optimizers can compensate for this. Using is one of the ways they can compensate for it. This allows them to micro-format their site, which will make their content more deliverable.

6. Mobile Prioritization

Ever since the iPhone came to the market in 2007, the rise of mobile devices has exploded. Google has made it clear that optimizing sites for mobile users is important. In 2015, queries via mobile devices surpassed desktop queries. This was the first time this has ever happened.

It is common practice to optimize websites for mobile devices. The bottom line is you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly, and this means it should read well on all mobile devices. Furthermore, it’s worth pointing out that Google released a major mobile-friendly update, and this was when the new standard was set, and today mobile SEO is more important than ever before.

7. The Soft Death Of Keywords Optimization

Keyword stuffing received a death blow thanks to Penguin and Panda, but in 2013 another update affected keyword optimization. This update was known as Hummingbird, which was designed to decipher user intent instead of focusing on mapping out phrases and individual keywords.

Fast forward to today, Google tries to understand the meaning one’s search instead of matching keywords. However, keyword research is still important. This means you still should research keywords and use them in your content.

8. Update pacing and impact

For quite some time, Google was stressing out search optimizers by releasing random updates to its algorithm. However, Google eventually built a strong foundation, which has led to a decline in the significance and pacing of the updates. These days, you don’t notice these updates, which have become smaller. They also don’t have a significant impact on the industry.


It’s essential that we all have an understanding of where search engine optimization stands today and where it has come from. This can help you succeed in internet marketing. Hopefully, you are no longer using black-hat techniques, if you were using them in the first place.

Google is the top search engine around, and more and more people use it. This is why you need to focus on SEO, and you’ll want to continue to stay updated on changes that occur throughout the next ten years.

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Most of the websites that you see at the top of the search engine listings are typically there because someone has properly optimized them. They have followed very basic strategies, or perhaps complex ones, that are related to what is called search engine optimization. This is a form of marketing which focuses on websites, and the links that are pointing to that site from all over the web. The strategies that you need to use are very simple to implement, but they can take a little bit of time to provide noticeable results. Here is a quick overview of basic SEO strategies that you can use to help you reach the top of the search engine listings.

On-Site Optimization

These strategies are used to make your website much more palatable to the search engine spiders. They will collect information that they find on your website, turn this over to the search engine algorithms, and based upon this information will rank your site. As you continually update your website with new pages, it is recommended that you use unique content. You need to interconnect all of the pages that are similar together, providing more relevance from the perspective of the search engine algorithms. Images, videos, and outbound links to authority sites should also be added to the mix. All of these things will work together to help you create a website that will rank high in the search engines.

Off-Site Optimization

This focuses on the links that you will build across the Internet that will be pointing to your website. It is recommended that you get links from places that are similar in nature to the content that you are presenting, and you should also have social media links. By posting on Facebook, and having that post shared across the network, you will start to build links very quickly. This is actually the latest strategy, including using optimized YouTube channels used by those that are winning the game when it comes to search engine marketing.

After you have a consistent source of links building, and you can properly optimize your website, the results will begin to appear. You should start to see more traffic, higher listings, and preferably more sales. If you do not have the time, you can use a company to do this for you which will be much cheaper than a PPC campaign. Try this out today, and once you have fully optimized your website and have links coming in, your ranking on the search engines is going to change for the better.

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Valuable Tips to Guide you When Looking for a Suitable SEO Company

When you are trying to find the right  SEO Company to help you with your search engine marketing, it can seem like a daunting task because there are so many companies to choose from. You need to possess some SEO tips that will help you decide on the best SEO Company for you so you can be sure to get the maximum benefits from the services that they offer. Below are some tips that can come in handy when you want to know the factors to look for in a company:

1. The company’s SEO rank
Examine the SEO company’s website. You will be sure to have found a good SEO company where the business you are dealing with can consistently remain on the top spot of a search page. If this is something they can maintain, then they are also capable of doing the same for other sites. If you get a company with a good SEO rank, you can be sure to reap good results from working with them.

It is preferable to ensure that any SEO company which you are interested in has different price options for different size businesses. Not every business is a big business, so you want to be sure that they can offer you what you need for a small home business instead of what they offer the larger companies who require more SEO help.

3. Improvement of your rank
It is advisable that you evaluate the strategy of the SEO organization in consideration so as to know how they will go about improving your page rank for your site. They should offer you a detailed report about this, but if they don’t, then you want to find out how they will report on this because it is crucial to your ranking in the search engines.

4. Keyword optimization
The SEO Company that you pick should have enough experience with keyword optimization. It is vital that they be in a position to analyze and optimize keywords for your site and then suggest new ones that will help you get even more rankings in the search engines.

5. Customer service
Customer service is always important when looking for any company to deal with as you might have some queries on various factors vital which you want to be handled in the best way possible. As such, customer service is crucial to finding the right company because you don’t want to wait for an extended period so as to know what is happening with your site and SEO. Instead, the company should give you the answers you need to your questions within a reasonable time. Their customer service shows you how reliable the company is and should ensure you the practice of Best SEO White Hat methods.

6. Duration of commitment
SEO is continuous, and as such, you will need to build links regularly, keep checking results of analytics, make appropriate changes and ensure that your SEO campaign is in tune with the current demands. So, you need a company that will agree to a long-term commitment, and therefore you will need to take your time and pick a good company so that you get good returns for your money.

7. Accountability
The SEO company has to be accountable for your project. SEO is a complex operation. For a period, you might experience great results from the campaign. Then suddenly, Google springs a surprise, and your ranking goes plummeting down. Or, the company might implement a wrong method and damage your online reputation. In such a disappointing scenario, you do not want the SEO company to desert you midway. The company needs to be accountable for its work. Specifically, ask about this aspect. When you write a contract, mention the accountability clause.

8. Charges
The price you will be charged for you using the company’s search engine optimization services needs to be reasonably priced and competitive with other businesses. You want to get good results by using a company for SEO, but you don’t want to pay all you have so as to achieve the best services, so it’s always a good thing to check out the price.

9. Evolvement
SEO is a highly dynamic entity such that whatever works great today could be the worst idea for tomorrow. For example, link chains or link wheels were very efficient in the past, but after Panda, these techniques could spell trouble for your website. You ought to know that Google makes minor changes in its ranking algorithm hundreds of times every year. So, you need an SEO company that keeps track of these changes and evolves with the changing scenario.

Finally, getting the right SEO Company is vital to building your business online, unless you plan on doing this yourself. Just remember that finding the right company for your SEO services in Edmonton is essential to getting the maximum benefits. Therefore, make sure always to take your time and research carefully before you choose the best company for you.

Find the guest post writers here at:

Edmonton SEO Guy
4935 55 Ave NW #216 Edmonton, AB T6B 3S3
(604) 728-7657

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Top 7 successful social media marketing strategies

The process of SMM drives traffic or attention to your brand or product via social media platforms. It is a set of measures that use social media to promote companies and also solutions to other businesses. It focuses on the creation of content that is spread through social networks. This allows the creator to watch the message of their brand reach a new audience organically. In fact, people believe that the messages on social media carry more weight because consumers can naturally engage with each other. There is also an immediacy. As long as a company has a clear, understandable strategy, this field will grow. Social media will become an integral part of the consumers’ lives. Also, it will help businesses to grow and develop. Here are some tips to get you started.

Stay Active

Always make sure you are available in a single click. You want everyone to be able to reach you. Never waste the time of your customers. If they ask you a question; respond. Customers want to feel that they are important. Responding quickly makes them feel valued. Keep on top of the comments all your customers make. Help the flow of dialogue continue. Being in constant contact makes people get more involved with your brand. Thereby, more and more people will join the conversation. At times you may want to ask your clientele questions to provoke dialogue further. Think about this for a moment. Do you have ideas how to effectively do this?

To see a great example, look at Bill Gates on Twitter. He responds directly and receives many likes and comments. The content he publishes is valuable. Also, he makes sure to react to the feedback he receives. Staying in touch with your followers is crucial. Make sure if it is not you who directly responds, your staff knows how to effectively do it. Keep consistent rules so that your customers are always treated the same.

Adjust Your Content

It is not necessary to be on every social media platform. Consider the ones that best define your brand and focuses your attention. Every social media platform serves a different purpose. Instagram users are seeking visual content; pictures and short videos. Therefore, it is best suited for businesses that focus on clothing, traveling or food. LinkedIn is primarily business focused. Its users want in-depth information. Facebook is a great tool for personal contacts and organizing events. Consider what platform meets your needs and utilize it to get the most out of your social media experience.

Who Is Your Audience

Ask yourself four things: Who is your customer? What do they want? How do they live? And what interest do they have? Once you gather this data, you will understand your clients better. Make sure to collect things like email, gender, and a country as well as who referred them. All of this information will help you to understand the most active market segment. Then you’ll know who wants to spend their money. This will help you create various questions to your clients as well as determine what discounts you should offer. Make sure you know where the visitor traffic originated. For example, Facebook, make sure you send them a reminder as well as keep a client database. Consider who you target and the ways you can best satisfy them.


You will amass more subscribers if you write valuable brand information. As long as you post interesting content often, customers will check your company out often. Make sure to give them a reason to check out your website. A Blog is another avenue of communication with your clientele. When you post topics that are market relevant; you demonstrate your expertise int he field. Keywords and well-written articles are crucial.

Fast Sharing

Considering how fast paced the world is, timing is everything. Make sure your content reflects that. Strive to be the top post at all times. Keep reposting, liking and watch the comments grow as you engage your customers. The more popular you are, the better you will be able to get your brand top placement. The question you may be asking is “how do I do that?”. Ask yourself what makes people share. Crucial parts of this process include exclusive information and valuable information. Pictures are extremely beneficial. Recently, Social Media Marketing Vancouver stated that 93% of the top 5000 posts on Facebook contained pictures. The remaining 3% were simple status updates.

Video and Audio Content is Integral

What is the story about your company or product? Do people understand the passion you feel? Typically, after someone watches a video the invariably feel more confident choosing a product. Consider a demonstration video. Give your visitors tutorials. If you sell software, teach your clientele how to use it. Another company may make them feel like there is no interaction. Stand out and make them feel like they are important. It is also important to make sure your website can be viewed on a mobile device. Dare to grab their attention.

Promotion is Key

You must learn how invaluable social network promotion is. Understand what tools you should utilize then adjust the progress of the company. Make sure you have an ROI as compared with other marketing activities. Your “source of information should serve as monitoring data, statistics, communities, blogs, web analytics or special marketing events.” says Sara Kwan, who is the president of one of the most successful social media marketing firms.

The number of quantitative and qualitative criteria can help you effectively judge a myriad of different things. There are eight things to consider when striving to meet stated objectives. First, the number of subscribers is of utmost importance. Also, you must make sure your portrait aligns with the audience you are seeking. Next, consider the number of visitors to your page or group. After that, determine the number of actions in the network. Does your brand resonate with them? Quantity and quality of traffic are crucial. You must be able to view the target number actions by these customers. Lastly, you must know the number of sales.You need to be able to create compatible content. Understand, some videos do require a huge investment so you must determine whether or not it is something you can do on your own. When you see reviews starting to happen; you can rest assured you are now visible. Information will start to circle around. All of this advice is not enough. The key is knowing how to apply it. Begin with data collection to understand the habits of your users. Once you have this tool, you will know who referred this person.

Effective campaigns need estimating goals. Make sure you have a clear plan. Then, decide which tool is best for your company to collect data. Keep track of a time limit. A “successful Social Media campaign has three phases; before, during and after.” says Maggie Long, a social media consultant at Magnolia. Each of these is integral to the overall success and contains specific tasks to execute correctly.Be empowered to create! This Is your business; it needs to be more than just work. Remember, you can do this.

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7 SEO Tips for A Newcomer

Even though you may think that you’ve good keywords for your niche, optimized titles as well as body copy and an XML sitemap, you cannot break past your competitors for the most coveted keywords in Google SERPs. Luckily enough, you may not need a lot of time to perform the following SEO hacks because they need basic skills. These hacks are very cheap to perform because they don’t need money nor a lot of time to implement them. Here are the hacks:

You should distribute your home page’s link authority to your important pages

One of the most crucial strategy in search engine optimization should be making sure that your link authority is successfully directed from your web page to other important subpages. This is important because your homepage can attract more links than any other page on the site you are using. You should understand that Google can use Ajax and JavaScript because they are advanced but since you’re not much advanced, plain HTML links are your best choice.If you have been able to include your most important category pages in the top navigation, including your links of the most important products on your home page could be the problem. However, if you don’t have product pages, you should use articles and landing pages to pass more link authority.

Avoid using large images

You should avoid using a large image on your home page because it does not facilitate easy use. Most often, designers or content creators do not change the size or the resolution of a file before adding it to a page and hence causing slow loading and a bad experience to the users. When you use an image in its reasonable size, you increase the user speed as well as experience making your site both fast and appealing. Therefore, you should use tools e.g. WebPageTest to check the sizes of files on a page to make sure that you have reasonable sizes. Alternatively, you can use developer tools which come with Google Chrome browser to check your images size before uploading them. If you find out that they are too large, you can have them optimized for use. As a way of getting the best results, you should train those who work for you to always check the image size they are uploading before avoiding inconveniences.

Your 404 pages should not be linked by anyone

Google search console offers you the ability to check your 404 pages whether they are linked to anyone or from anywhere. Therefore, if you’ve any external linking to 404, you should have six it as soon as possible to avoid losing data to eavesdroppers on the internet. SEO in Phoenix Arizona says that this is a vital way to save your page ranking on Google. To be safe, make sure that your 404 URLs are 301 redirected to any of your relevant URL on your site. One good thing about Google is that it always try to sort errors and hence you should have an opportunity to make sure that your external links are safe.

Leverage a video, micro-site or video not found on your main site

You can use articles, micro-sites, and videos to have a lot of attention and awareness on a product you are selling or advertising. However, if the content is hosted using other domains, you may be wasting an SEO opportunity because the content maybe lost with time once the buzz has subdued. Therefore, you should host content from your site to make sure that traffic is pointed towards your site to create awareness or attention. Also, you should find a way to direct the same traffic to your most important landing pages and products too to have alternatives.

Use different forums and social media hubs to get valuable keywords and topics before your competitors

Ana Wilkerson, a search engine optimization technical consultant at Coronation Internet Marketing says “Through different forums or social media accounts, take note of the most recurring keyword to use it on your website or blog to promote your product. You should understand that, having the question or keyword before your competitor gives you an upper hand in leadership as well as traffic which will promote what you are advertising or selling. Also, you can use other keywords which cannot be related to your product because some users may not look for the exact keywords.” You can see how they use a video on their page here

Use rich snippets to increase the visibility of your SERP

Rich snippets are among what most SEO pages are using because they are enhancing visibility on a site and hence most people can see what you are promoting. Most users are pleased with the use of rich snippets, and hence they ate your product and site highly making it have a constant flow of viewers. Coronation Internet Marketing Ltd. says that rich snippets are purely psychotic for a user; they’re going to want to click on the one that looks more interesting. You can also provide product information and review stars on your site to increase your click through rate. However, you should understand that rich snippets do not increase your rankings, but they drive more visitors into your site promoting what you’ve through increased flow.

Use link analysis tools to get overtake your competitor’s best links

You should emphasize on getting a hub which links to multiple competitors instead of acquiring authoritative links. This is one mistake most people do, going for reliable links rather than the hub. A hub is a site that can link out with other major players in a certain niche. A hub is crucial because it works within a certain niche and hence it is easy for one to target certain people or market. A hub could be a review site, a trade magazine a forum or even a blog.

To be a step ahead, you should search for sites which are linking to your competitors’ websites to know which links can link back to you. After establishing that, you may go ahead and reach out for them to further increase your networking. By doing this, you might be getting the easiest link building process because your competitors will have done the hard task of finding the sites which could promote theirs at ease. Also, you might be getting suggestions of some other avenues you should link to or consider in future. This would help you increase your networking and consequently awareness and promotion of your products.

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The Importance of Article Submission in SEO Services

When it comes to the essential steps of search engine optimization processes then undoubtedly the name of article submission would come forefront. Majority of the SEO professionals of the world include article submission of certain quantity in their package. But, do the employers really know why article submission is an essential in SEO services. Here, in this article we will discuss about the importance of article submission in SEO processes.

Articles written for SEO purposes in order to promote a website are submitted on article websites; such submissions are done through both free and paid services. Maria Holiman of Coronation Internet Marketing informs us “The basic purpose of article submission is getting indirect traffic. It has been seen that for getting information on any topic many web visitors prefer visiting article websites and get the required information from the articles posted there, therefore well written articles are the good sources for generating traffic. People, who are looking for particular product or service, if found an article interesting, then would definitely prefer to visit the website linked with that article.”

“Second and the most beneficial factor behind article submission is getting back links in order to achieve the search engine ranking paradigm.” SEO consultant Ryan Carter adds. “Search Engines give article submission websites higher preference than other types of websites; therefore give much more value to the article links. Posting high volume of article on a wide range of article submission websites is beneficial to achieve good search engine ranking and getting link backs.”

While performing the article submission activities the professionals should keep in mind certain things, including PR of the website, alexa ranking of the article directory and so on.

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