7 SEO Tips for A Newcomer

Even though you may think that you’ve good keywords for your niche, optimized titles as well as body copy and an XML sitemap, you cannot break past your competitors for the most coveted keywords in Google SERPs. Luckily enough, you may not need a lot of time to perform the following SEO hacks because they need basic skills. These hacks are very cheap to perform because they don’t need money nor a lot of time to implement them. Here are the hacks:

You should distribute your home page’s link authority to your important pages

One of the most crucial strategy in search engine optimization should be making sure that your link authority is successfully directed from your web page to other important subpages. This is important because your homepage can attract more links than any other page on the site you are using. You should understand that Google can use Ajax and JavaScript because they are advanced but since you’re not much advanced, plain HTML links are your best choice.If you have been able to include your most important category pages in the top navigation, including your links of the most important products on your home page could be the problem. However, if you don’t have product pages, you should use articles and landing pages to pass more link authority.

Avoid using large images

You should avoid using a large image on your home page because it does not facilitate easy use. Most often, designers or content creators do not change the size or the resolution of a file before adding it to a page and hence causing slow loading and a bad experience to the users. When you use an image in its reasonable size, you increase the user speed as well as experience making your site both fast and appealing. Therefore, you should use tools e.g. WebPageTest to check the sizes of files on a page to make sure that you have reasonable sizes. Alternatively, you can use developer tools which come with Google Chrome browser to check your images size before uploading them. If you find out that they are too large, you can have them optimized for use. As a way of getting the best results, you should train those who work for you to always check the image size they are uploading before avoiding inconveniences.

Your 404 pages should not be linked by anyone

Google search console offers you the ability to check your 404 pages whether they are linked to anyone or from anywhere. Therefore, if you’ve any external linking to 404, you should have six it as soon as possible to avoid losing data to eavesdroppers on the internet. SEO in Phoenix Arizona says that this is a vital way to save your page ranking on Google. To be safe, make sure that your 404 URLs are 301 redirected to any of your relevant URL on your site. One good thing about Google is that it always try to sort errors and hence you should have an opportunity to make sure that your external links are safe.

Leverage a video, micro-site or video not found on your main site

You can use articles, micro-sites, and videos to have a lot of attention and awareness on a product you are selling or advertising. However, if the content is hosted using other domains, you may be wasting an SEO opportunity because the content maybe lost with time once the buzz has subdued. Therefore, you should host content from your site to make sure that traffic is pointed towards your site to create awareness or attention. Also, you should find a way to direct the same traffic to your most important landing pages and products too to have alternatives.

Use different forums and social media hubs to get valuable keywords and topics before your competitors

Ana Wilkerson, a search engine optimization technical consultant at Coronation Internet Marketing says “Through different forums or social media accounts, take note of the most recurring keyword to use it on your website or blog to promote your product. You should understand that, having the question or keyword before your competitor gives you an upper hand in leadership as well as traffic which will promote what you are advertising or selling. Also, you can use other keywords which cannot be related to your product because some users may not look for the exact keywords.” You can see how they use a video on their page here http://coronationim.com/edmonton-seo/.

Use rich snippets to increase the visibility of your SERP

Rich snippets are among what most SEO pages are using because they are enhancing visibility on a site and hence most people can see what you are promoting. Most users are pleased with the use of rich snippets, and hence they ate your product and site highly making it have a constant flow of viewers. Coronation Internet Marketing Ltd. says that rich snippets are purely psychotic for a user; they’re going to want to click on the one that looks more interesting. You can also provide product information and review stars on your site to increase your click through rate. However, you should understand that rich snippets do not increase your rankings, but they drive more visitors into your site promoting what you’ve through increased flow.

Use link analysis tools to get overtake your competitor’s best links

You should emphasize on getting a hub which links to multiple competitors instead of acquiring authoritative links. This is one mistake most people do, going for reliable links rather than the hub. A hub is a site that can link out with other major players in a certain niche. A hub is crucial because it works within a certain niche and hence it is easy for one to target certain people or market. A hub could be a review site, a trade magazine a forum or even a blog.

To be a step ahead, you should search for sites which are linking to your competitors’ websites to know which links can link back to you. After establishing that, you may go ahead and reach out for them to further increase your networking. By doing this, you might be getting the easiest link building process because your competitors will have done the hard task of finding the sites which could promote theirs at ease. Also, you might be getting suggestions of some other avenues you should link to or consider in future. This would help you increase your networking and consequently awareness and promotion of your products.

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